Giải cánh diều tiếng anh 6 Unit 3: Where's the shark?

Giải chi tiết, cụ thể bài: Where's the shark? tiếng anh 6 bộ sách Cánh diều. Đây là bộ sách mới được phê duyệt trong chương trình đổi mới của Bộ Giáo dục và đào tạo. Hi vọng, với cách hướng dẫn cụ thể và giải chi tiết học sinh sẽ nắm bài học tốt hơn trong chương trình học mới này.

Câu trả lời:


A. Answer: Đang cập  nhật

B. Answer: 

2. Rays are big and shy

3. Fish are small and quite

4. Shark are big and scary

C. Học sinh tự thực hành

Language Focus

Answer: Học sinh tự thực hành và ghi nhớ ngữ pháp

C.  Look at picture 1 in the cartoon on page 30. Answer the questions using complete sentences.

1. How many dolphins are there? —There's one dolphin. 

2. How many colorful fish are there?______________

3. Is there an octopus in the aquarium? ___________

4. How many crabs are there? ________

5. Are there any rocks in the picture?_________


2. There are three colorful fish

3. No, there isn't

4. There is one crab

5. Yes, there are

D. Look at the picture at the bottom of this page. Complete the sentences. Use words from the box.

in        on       behind

between      under     in front of

1. The sea horse is______________ the rocks

2. The crab is__________________the seaweed.

3. The octopus is_____________ the shark.

4. The star fish is_ ______________the sand.

5. The fish are._________ the water

6. The sea turtle is__________ the starfish and the crab.


1. không có đáp án

2. behind      3. under      4.  on      5. in     6. between

E. Play a game. Work in pairs. Student A: Choose something in the classroom

Student B: Guess what it is.

=> Học sinh tự thực hành

The real world

A. Answer: 

1. Sea turtles

2. Torres strait

3. On the beach

B. Answer: Đang cập nhật


There are and They’re

A. Listen and repeat.

1. There are 2. They’re

=> Học sinh tự thực hành

B. Listen. Circle There are or They're.

1. (There are / They’re) 800 fish in the tank.

2. (There are / They're) in the seaweed.

3. (There are / They're) between two rocks.

4. (There are / They’re) seven kinds of sea turtles.

5. (There are / They’re) two crabs on the rock.


1. There are         2. They're        3. They're     4. There're    5. There're

C. Work with a partner. Take turns to read the sentences in B.

=> Học sinh tự thực hành


If someone is like " a fish out of water", they are:

a. Not comfortable

b. not well

Answer:  a. Not comfortable  (Không thoải mái)



Do you know that some animals are camouflaged? This means their color is the same as the colors around them. Some camouflaged animals hide in seaweed, rocks, and sand. Look at the photo on the left. This looks like seaweed, but it’s not! It’s the leafy seadragon. It hides in the seaweed. It's the same color as the seaweed. Like the seaweed, its body is also in the shape of a leaf. Look at the photo below. This is a stonefish. it hides on the sand, near rocks. It looks like a rock. Where are its eyes and its mouth?

A. Look at the pictures. What things do you see? Check (v) them. ;

(1) seaweed         (2) rocks            (1) fish 

B. Read the title. Why do you think these animals are strange?

Answer: Because their color is the same as the color around them.

C. Read the article quickly. Underline the places where the animals hide.

 Answer: Seaweed, rocks, sand


A. Choose the correct answers for Strange Sea Animals.

1, What's this article about?

a. jungle animals       b. animals that hide       c. endangered animals

2.  When animals hide in the same colors around them, they are__.

a. covered       b. camouflaged       c. trapped

3. In line 6, "its" refersto__.

a. a leaf            b. seaweed       c. the leafy seadragon

4, A stonefish hides___.

a. on the sand       b. under the sand      c. under the rocks

5. A stonefish looks like ___.

a. seaweed       b. a rock            c. a seadragon


  1.B       2.B       3.C    4.A       5.B

B. Complete the chart

What are their name? What do they look like Where do they hide
Stonefish a rock on the sand
Leafy seadragon seaweed in the seawees

C. Critical Thinking:  Talk with a partner: What other animals hide in the same colors around them?


1. Chameleon      2. Frog      3. Lizard     4.  Seahorse     5.  Spider



Whales are the largest aquatic aninmals, also the largest animal on earth. Whales's food in plankton, fichs, molluscs, crabs... Among whales, killer whales are also known as the largest balck dolphin. This is carnivore whose main food is usually sea lions, sharkd, seals and even other whales.



What sea animals do you know? Make a list.

Answer: crab, octopus, seahorse, shark, dolphin, whale, shrimp, lobster, oyster, cockle...


A, Check. What animals on your list did you see?

Answer: Học sinh tự trả lời

B. Watch the video again. Circle the words you hear.

1. Sargassum fish hide in (seaweed / coral).

2. Comb jellyfish are (colorful / bright).

3. Beluga whales are very (quiet / noisy).

4. Clams use their (foot / tongue) to push into the sand.

Answer: Đang cập nhật


Talk with a partner. Describe the sea animals in the video. Are there strange animals in your country? Describe them.

Answer: Học sinh tự thực hành cùng bạn

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