Giải cánh diều tiếng anh 6 Unit 9: What are you doing?

Giải chi tiết, cụ thể Unit 9: What are you doing? tiếng anh 6 bộ sách Cánh diều. Đây là bộ sách mới được phê duyệt trong chương trình đổi mới của Bộ Giáo dục và đào tạo. Hi vọng, với cách hướng dẫn cụ thể và giải chi tiết học sinh sẽ nắm bài học tốt hơn trong chương trình học mới này.

Câu trả lời:



Answer: Đang cập nhật

Language Focus

Answer: Học sinh tự thực hành và ghi nhớ ngữ pháp

C. Complete the questions. Then match the questions to the correct answers.

1.___Are _ you_using _ this computer? (use)                             a. She's chatting with a friend.

2. Who_____ Kelly ____ with? (Chat)                                             b. He's playing a video game.

3. ________she ________Anna? (text)                                             c. No, she isn't.

4,_________ they_________ a movie nextweek? (watch)             d. Yes, lam. I'm checking my email.

5. What ________ Tom ________? (do)                                           e. Yes, they are.


1. Are/ using - d

2. is/chatting - a

3. Is/ texting - c

4.Are/ watching - e

5. Is/ doing - b

Answer: Đang cập nhật

The real world

A.Look at the photo below and the caption. What is a“microrobot”?

a. a small robot         b.a flying robot       c. a robot that looks like a bee

Answer: a. a flying robots

B. Listen to the article about Robert Wood. Then answer the following questions.

1. Wood is also a (professor / student).

2. RoboBees are the size of a (bird / fly).

3. RoboBees can (go into dangerous places / help in cooking food).

4. Millibots are some of the (fastest / smallest) robots in the world.

Answer: Đang cập nhật


Intonation in Wh- questions and yes/no questions

A. Listen to the intonation. Listen again and repeat.

1. What are you doing?      2. Are you studying?

B.Listen to the questions. Circle the correct intonation.

1. a. Are they watching a movie?        b. Are they watching a movie?

2. a. Do you read blogs?                        b. Do you read blogs?

3. a. What's she writing?                       b. What's she writing?

4. a. Are you texting him now?            b. Are you texting him now?

5. a. Do you like movies?                      b. Do you like movies?             

6. a. What game are you playing?       b. What game are you playing?

C. Work with a partner. Take turns to ask questions in B.

Answer: Đang cập nhật


Answer: Học sinh tham gia hoạt động trên lớp



Can you imagine a car without a driver? In some places, this is quickly becoming a reality. Countries such as Finland and Singapore are studying how to use self-driving cars as public transportation. Some shuttle buses and many subway trains are already using self-driving technology to move people around town. Companies are researching how to make self-driving cars safe and convenient for everyone, and they're hoping to bring this technology to the public by 2035. By then, people won't need their own vehicles.

Instead, they will be able to “share” a car, which will take them to their home or office, and then continue to pick up another person. These shared self-driving cars will spend less time parked than regular cars, so some businesses are changing their parking lots into green parks or event spaces. Best of all, we'll spend fess time in cars—map apps are already making our journeys faster, and self-driving technology could make them even faster.

A. Look at the photo and scan the article. What's special aboutthis vehicle?

Answer:  it's a car without driver

B. Read the title. What do you think the title means? 

I think the title means that with a development of self-driving cars, it will be more convenient for people to transport

C. Read quickly. Underline the types of transportation that are mentioned.

Answer: shuttle buses, subway trains


A.Choose the correct answers for How Self-Driving Cars Are Changing The Future.

1.The article is mainly about_____

a. traffic problems     b. a developing technology      c. road safety

2."Convenient ”means ___. (line 7)

a. not expensive        b. fun        c. easy to use

3. According to the article, a “shared” self-driving car _____ than regular cars

a. parks less often       b. is larger       c. holds more people

4. Some companies are turning their parking spaces into______

a. parks                        b. houses             c. bus stops

5. In the last line, what does “them" mean?

a. self-driving cars     b.journeys                c. people

Answer: 1.B     2C    3.A         4.A       5.B

B. Complete the chart.

What's changing? How

shuttle buses

subway trains

are already using self-driving technology to move people around town


Write a short paragraph about technology. What apps are you and your friends using at the moment? Write 40-60 words.

These days, l'ïm using different apps to stay in touch with my friends. I use these apps to share photos and chat with them. I'm using one app to send instant messages to my friends and another to share my photos and videos. My friends and I are also playing lots of games. We usually play after finishing our homework.

Answer: These days, I'm using different apps to contact with my friends but i almost use facebook to stay in touch with them. I use facebook to update infomation and watch many interesting videos, post my photo on facebook and write status about what happens in my life. 

Video: A new photographer


Circle the correct answer. Who do you think took the photo of the

lions below?

a. a photographer     b. a remote-controlled car     c. an animal

Answer: b. A remote-controlled car


A. Cheeck your answer to the Before You Watch question.

B. Watch the video again. Complete the information below using the words in the labels.

remote control       buggy        camera

Chris McLennan puts the_______ in a small car. This small car is also called a_______. McLennan is using a______ to control the car. The car is taking photographs of lions in the wild.

 Answer: camera/ buggy/ remote control


Talk with a partner. Describe the car to a partner. What photographs can you take with a car like this?

 Answer: I will put the camera in a car and this car will run with a high speed. I'm using the remote control to control the car. The car will follow and take a picture of the horse that are running.
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